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Knowledge Strategy 2013-17

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) is focused on ensuring that the people of NSW have a healthy environment and are supported to access, protect and enjoy their natural and cultural heritage.

The Knowledge Strategy sets priorities for knowledge that help OEH and its cluster partners to achieve this.

OEH develops, manages and shares knowledge to meet legislative requirements, as well as goals and targets in NSW Making it Happen (the NSW Government’s 10-year plan). The knowledge is also needed to meet corporate objectives.

OEH is also the main provider of research, expert advice and technical services to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Knowledge themes and goals

The Knowledge Strategy has six knowledge themes and each knowledge theme has a knowledge goal to help achieve the priority knowledge needs .

Developing ‘priority knowledge needs’

The Knowledge Strategy lists ‘priority knowledge needs’ for OEH to continue to deliver knowledge to inform policies and programs, and to meet the needs of customers.

There are six ‘knowledge themes’, each with a Steering Committee. The Steering Committees work together to identify and review existing and emerging knowledge needs.

Steering Committees include managers, scientific experts and planners from across OEH (and the EPA for the Pollution knowledge theme) who assess the data, information and knowledge that are already available and identify knowledge needs.

Steering Committees develop, prioritise and evaluate actions to meet the priority knowledge needs. Environmental monitoring, and biophysical, social, cultural and economic knowledge, are fundamental needs for each theme.

More information on the knowledge themes is available in information sheets:

Working with OEH for mutual benefit

Major OEH programs and existing resources can meet some of the priority knowledge needs. Other priorities are aspirational and best achieved through collaboration. The Knowledge Strategy identifies opportunities for research partners and other organisations to work with OEH. More information about each of the knowledge themes is available in information sheets.

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