Guidelines for carrying out a survey

OEH has published the following guidelines for people involved in biodiversity surveying

Surveying 'species credit' threatened bats and their habitats

The 'Species credit' threatened bats and their habitats - NSW survey guide for the Biodiversity Assessment Method describes the systematic approach and minimum standards for surveying threatened bat species when applying the Biodiversity Assessment Method.

Bat calls of NSW - region-based guide to the echolocation calls of Microchiropteran bats

Read about and download the Bat calls region-based identification guide to search for phase calls of insectivorous bats from NSW using the Anabat system.

Community Biodiversity Survey Manual

If you are planning to survey the plants and animals of your local area, you will need the Community Biodiversity Survey Manual.

Threatened biodiversity survey draft guidelines

Threatened biodiversity survey draft guidelines explains the process involved in undertaking a threatened species assessment, sets out the responsibilities of the people involved, and provides some general survey standards for flora and fauna surveys.

Threatened species survey and assessment guidelines

The Threatened species survey and assessment guidelines advise ecological consultants who are surveying sites for the presence of threatened species. The Threatened species survey and assessment guidelines: field survey methods for fauna – amphibians is now available. There is a general introductory section and a section providing detailed survey methods for amphibians.

Page last updated: 05 August 2020