Murramarang South Coast Walk

South Coast’s five villages walk.

Pebbly Beach, , Murramarang National ParkThe Murramarang South Coast Walk is a 46-kilometre multi-day walking trail on the South Coast of the New South Wales. The walk will start near Batemans Bay and traverse the spectacular coastline of Murramarang National Park. The walk will connect the coastal villages of Maloney’s Beach, Durras, Depot Beach, Kioloa and Bawley Point. The walk will deliver an outstanding immersive visitor experience in one of the most stunning and pristine stretches of coastline in NSW. The natural landscapes, vegetation and wildlife combines with ancient rock formations and ocean vistas to create many memorable moments for walkers.

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What the project involves

The combination of nature and existing overnight accommodation in the coastal villages, presents a very exciting opportunity to create a new multi-day walking experience on the South Coast

The walk can be completed over 4 easy days, that can be undertaken as self-guided or via commercial tour operators offering various levels of assistance and experiences to individuals or groups.

The walker will be able to choose from luxury accommodation in resort villas, affordable beach shacks or cabins, or camp in one of the Parks’ camping areas. The walk is also perfectly suited to be undertaken as separate day walks and includes a new trail head and facilities at Maloneys beach near Batemans Bay.

Originally inspired by local bushwalkers, the walk will promote the culture and heritage of the region and provide broad physical and mental health benefits through access to recreational facilities and the natural environment. Rock pools and secluded beaches with a backdrop of forested hills and spotted gum forest floors smothered in Burrawang palms, are just a few of the delights visitors can expect to discover. With only a simple day pack required between overnight stops, the walker will encounter the solitude and tranquility that only immersion in nature can provide.

The Murramarang South Coast Walk has been awarded $3.64 million funding by the NSW Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund program, an initiative of the NSW Department of Industry, that provides funding for infrastructure that supports regional economic growth, creates local employment opportunities, and drives growth in the visitor economy.

Planning for the Murramarang South Coast Walk has commenced, and we are currently working through the design and approvals processes, with the first stages of construction expected to commence in 2019. Construction will be undertaken in a staged approach and is expected to be completed by late 2020.

The Murramarang South Coast Walk project aims to create a new signature multi-day walking experience with the potential to become one of Australia’s favourite walks, supporting an uplift in tourism to the 5 coastal villages it connects - Batemans Bay, Durras, Pebbly Beach, Kioloa and Bawley Point. The project aims to be a key attraction in the region’s tourism industry while encouraging people to protect and love their national parks.

This walk is expected to deliver benefits to the local economy, drawing new visitors to the region in off-peak periods and providing opportunities for tour operators, local specialty provedores, and transport, accommodation and hospitality services.

Our national parks are managed to protect their unique values and provide for sustainable visitor use and enjoyment. This includes providing visitor experiences and, where appropriate, new visitor facilities including walking tracks.

We will conduct independent environmental assessments to examine the significance of any likely environmental impacts of the proposal and consider measures required to mitigate any impacts to the environment. This highlights the need to ensure public visitation and enjoyment is compatible with the protection of conservation values.

The proposed project will undergo further detailed design and assessment to ensure compliance with the park’s plan of management and conservation management plans. Stringent environmental, cultural heritage and cost-benefit assessments, involving our staff, key stakeholders and other experts, will ensure the project meets environmental, cultural and economic aspirations.

The proposed Murramarang South Coast Walk will offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy a superior walking experience along the spectacular coastline of Murramarang National Park and Murramarang Aboriginal Area and will be compatible with the parks' natural and cultural values and the area’s relatively remote settings.

Interpretation through innovative storytelling is one of the most effective ways to enhance a multi-day walk and deliver an ‘experience of a lifetime’ for walkers. Developing rich and engaging interpretation, including opportunities for local Aboriginal guided experiences, will be a key focus with the aim of immersing the walker in the natural and cultural landscape creating respect, a strong connection and sense of place.

Effective community and stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of this project. NPWS will engage with stakeholders and interested community members in a meaningful and timely way. Those interested in the project are invited to register their interest and receive regular updates on the project.

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