Update: November 2021

Walking track construction.

Walking track construction

Construction of the new walking track has commenced. Helicopters are being used to deliver materials to site. The first 'heli-op' took place in August with a second in October. These operations require temporary closure of areas of the park to maintain safety. Information on future operations and subsequent closures will be available from the NPWS alerts page. Please make sure to check current alerts before planning your visit.

Sections of the track are gradually being completed. In particular, the new stone steps been carefully installed within the natural environment creating a comfortable walk for visitors to enjoy.

Repairs to the military fortifications

Repair to some of the historic military fortifications has been underway over the past few months. These works involved removal of deteriorated concrete, remediation of the steel reinforcement and new replacement concrete, which was recreated using a mix to match the original formulation. The concrete works to the former Electric Light Station at the Inner Fort, Obelisk Bay Gun Emplacement and Georges Head Gun Emplacement and Observation Tower are now complete.

Other works have been prepared to improve visitor safety at these fortifications. At the Obelisk Bay gun emplacement, the track will lead visitors over the top of this emplacement, near the observation tower. Steel supports plus a new balustrade have been added for visitors' safety. At the Georges Head Gun Emplacement, a freestanding platform has been installed within the emplacement to provide a level surface.

These 2 powerful anti-torpedo-boat defences were constructed at Georges Head and Obelisk Bay at a time when Australia was preparing to defend against enemy attack and men, women and boys as young as 16 were engaged in front-line defences. A new digital animation showing these forgotten twin 6-pounder guns in action is available on the project webpage along with our first digital animation of a much earlier 19th century 'disappearing gun' at Middle Head.

These fortifications will be key points of interest along the new walking track linking Middle Head and Georges Head to the Sydney Harbour Scenic Walk.

Belvedere lookout completed

The new lookout at Georges Head known as the 'Belvedere' has now been completed. The stone and grass terraces provide a great place for visitors to look out across the harbour. New turf has been laid and interpretation will be installed in 2022. This is a key feature of the new walking track and National Parks and Wildlife Service are proud to be able to offer this to visitors to enjoy.