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Sustainability Roundtable shows the way

Sustainability Roundtable

Bringing leaders together at the Sustainability Roundtable. Photo credit: OEH

‘When I first started in my role as Sustainability Coordinator, I wanted us to learn from other similar-sized organisations, so I set up a Sustainability Roundtable.

‘It was an exciting day, with the Minister attending, along with sustainability professionals from corporates such as Westpac, Mirvac, ANZ, and Stockland, alongside the University of NSW, and Transport NSW.

‘As the video below shows, we learned that some companies no longer develop “achievable” sustainability strategies. Instead, they choose bold, aspirational goals, as it engages their staff to come up with innovative ways to achieve them.

‘The Roundtable showed us that our OEH Sustainability Strategy 2015–20 should aim high, and it does. Our targets are ambitious and we’re trialling new ways of engaging our people to create sustainability solutions, giving staff as many ways to get involved as they can.

‘We’re going to take the organisation from “best practice" to "next practice” – not following, but leading the way, in sustainability.'

Clare Donovan, Sustainability Coordinator, Regional Operations and Heritage Group


Page last updated: 28 January 2016