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About us

Saving organic waste from landfill

Worm farm Hurstville

Ben Hope and Mark Hamilton with the worm farms at the Hurstville office.

Photo credit: OEH

‘The worm farm project was set up because of concern about waste going to landfill. We were already taking compost home from the office, so it was an obvious next step to set up a worm farm on site to manage our organic waste.

‘We have 10 active members who bring fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen on their floor down to the worm farms in the basement. The worm castings are taken home by whoever wants them, or used on pot plants here in the building.

‘We’ve saved 1.6 tonnes of waste from landfill over three years, and helped lots of staff grow better veggies at home too! It’s also strengthened our community by bringing together people from different floors and business areas in the building.

‘Taking the organic waste down is a great excuse to stretch our legs occasionally and reinvigorate.’

Ben Hope, Project Officer, Science Division

Page last updated: 28 January 2016