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You can download final versions of the maps below as pdf files. Refer to the list under the map.

Important note

  • These maps are not available as hard copy printed maps.
  • Additional Aerial Photograph Interpretation has increased the map coverage of the north-west sector of the study area.
  • Improved modelling has resulted in areas of previously unidentified vegetation being added (e.g. in the Scheyville area).
  • The maps have included non-Cumberland Plain communities, where these exist in the study area, to assist users identifying vegetation.
  • The display, on the maps, of vegetation of different condition has been altered to more accurately reflect the differences that the data can detect reliably.
  • The maps cannot be understood completely without the interpretation guidelines which you can download below.
  • OEH wishes these maps to be widely distributed and they may be printed by anyone who wishes, either partially or in their entirety. They may not, however, be on-sold.

Cumberland Plain greater Sydney region Map 15 Hawkesbury LGA Western Section (PDF - 2.1MB)Map 14 Baulkham Hills LGA Northern Section and Hawkesbury LGA Eastern Section (PDF - 2.1MB)Map 13 Baulkham Hills Southern Section and Hornsby LGA (PDF - 2.7MB) Map 12 Blacktown LGA (PDF - 2.5MB)Map 11 Penrith LGA Northern Section (PDF - 2.3MB)Map 10 Auburn LGA, Concord LGA, Hunters Hill LGA, Ku-ring-gai LGA, Lane Cove LGA, North Sydney LGA, Ryde LGA, Strathfield LGA and Willoughby LGA (PDF - 2.7MB)Map 9 Auburn LGA, Concord LGA, Holroyd LGA, Parramatta LGA, Ryde LGA and Strathfeild LGA (PDF - 2.1MB)Map 8 Auburn LGA, Bankstown LGA, Canterbury LGA, Concord LGA, Hurstville LGA, Kogarah LGA, Rockdale LGA, Strathfeild LGA and Sutherland LGA (PDF - 1.2MB)Map 7 Fairfield LGA and Liverpool LGA Eastern Section (PDF - 2.2MB)Map 6 Campbelltown LGA (PDF - 2MB)Map 5 Camden LGA (PDF - 2.3MB)Map 4 Liverpool LGA Western Section, Penrith LGA Southern Section and Wollondilly LGA Northern Section (PDF - 2.1MB)Map 3 Wollondilly LGA Western Section (PDF - 2.1MB)Map 2 Wollondilly LGA Eastern Section (PDF - 2MB)Map 1 Wollondilly LGA Southern Section (PDF - 1.6MB)

Documents to download

Interpretation guidelines

The interpretation guidelines:

  • give more detail about the mapping project
  • include community descriptions and diagnostic species lists for the Cumberland Plain and non-Cumberland Plain communities, to assist users in identifying vegetation
  • explain different codes and categories that were used in the project.

The interpretation guidelines are essential for a complete understanding of the maps.

Documents to download

Reports and data to download

The GIS data can be downloaded from the OEH VIS (Vegetation Information System) Map Catalogue. Click on 'Download maps' and then use the VIS catalogue numbers 2221, 2222 and 2223 in the keyword search. The report can be downloaded here.

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Page last updated: 25 February 2014