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State agency heritage resources

This page provides access to resources for NSW Government agencies that own or manage heritage properties.

NSW Government agencies are responsible for managing the largest heritage property portfolio in NSW, with over 80 government agencies owning and managing heritage assets across the State.

State agency heritage guide

The new State Agency Heritage Guide will provide guidance to State agencies on managing these important heritage places and objects. It consists of:

  • State-owned Heritage Management Principles, approved by the Minister on the 16 December 2004; and
  • Heritage Asset Management Guidelines, endorsed by the Heritage Council for issue under section 170 the Heritage Act on the 1 December 2004.

State Agency Heritage Guide (StateAgencyHeritageGuide.pdf, 307). Also included are appendices on asset transfer plans and the recent State Arms, Symbols and Emblems Act 2004.

We welcome feedback from agencies over the next 12 months on the effectiveness of the new guidelines. The Heritage Council will then review the guidelines and consider any submissions.

For agencies with specific queries, email the Heritage Branch

Database software

An initiative of the Heritage Branch to assist in the identification and assessment of heritage items is to provide database software. This software is available free of charge to government agencies, local government and heritage professionals conducting heritage studies and compiling heritage and conservation registers (S.170 registers). Download:

State Heritage Inventory (SHI) database software.

Page last updated: 01 September 2012