Environmental Research

Grants of up to $200,000 are available to collaborations doing applied research in identified (priority) environmental themes.

This program is now open to applications (by invitation only). Applications close 3pm Monday 24 June 2019.


The Environmental Research program supports applied research in identified priority environmental themes. The objectives of the program are to:

  • generate new knowledge or information to facilitate local solutions to environmental problems
  • discover new methods of operation for NSW industries that are less harmful to the environment and enhance public good
  • knowledge and advance techniques to solve general environmental problems in NSW
  • assess and evaluate application of innovative solutions to decrease environmental degradation in NSW.

Funding available

Grants of up to $150,000 were available for rounds before 2019. A total of $1 million was offered in 2018, however due to the high quality of applications received, the Trust awarded more than $1.5 million.

2019 program themes and priorities

Mechanisms for social engagement

  • Legitimacy of participatory engagement* (i.e. Citizen Science, public/private partnerships)
  • Tools for predictive and adaptive on-ground management actions

Resource management

  • Impacts of land use on the water balance of natural systems
  • Governance and strategy behind success and uptake of natural resource management (NRM) and land management programs

Landscape management

  • Bushfire management
  • Connectivity and landscape corridors
  • Innovation in biosecurity

Wetland and river systems

  • Waterway and groundwater-dependant ecosystem health and connectivity
  • Impacts of land use on wetlands and river systems
  • New techniques to improve the health of wetlands and river systems

Who can apply?

Grants can be made to collaborations that:

  • demonstrate the capability to undertake applied research
  • include the end-user of the proposed research.

Collaborating entities can be:

  • community groups and organisations
  • universities
  • government entities.

When can applications be made?

Invited applications close 3pm Monday, 24 June 2019. The program is expected open for expressions of interest again in 2020.

The Environmental Research application process has 2 stages:

  1. you submit an expression of interest
  2. we invite selected candidates to submit an application.

The program is currently closed to applications. The guides and form below are for interest only.

Monitoring and evaluating

Use this monitoring and evaluation plan template (DOCX 113KB) to set out what activities you’ll undertake and how these will produce the results you want.

Your grant application will contain much of the information you’ll need, so use that as a starting point. The instructions in the template will also help you.

The project measures table template (XLSX 60KB) allows you to set key targets and record progress, so you can quickly check how you’re tracking and record your achievements.

You’ll need to update and submit the project measures table every time you report on your project’s progress.

Progress reports and final report

As you move through your project you’ll have to submit progress reports. These will outline what you’ve achieved and what you’ll do next.

Progress reports are reviewed by technical experts who can ensure you’re on the right track and give you feedback or advice. After your report is reviewed and accepted we’ll pay your next grant instalment.

When your project finishes you’ll have to submit a final report that says what it has achieved.

Use the progress and final reporting form (DOCX 83KB) template for your reports.

Financial reports

You must submit an updated and authorised financial report with all your progress reports. You also need to submit a certified financial report as a part of your final project report.

If you need to rearrange your project’s budget, you should apply for a budget variation.

The forms you’ll need are on the financial reporting page.

Other documents

You may also have to submit some other documents or evidence. They’ll be listed in the grant agreement we send you.

Where to send reports

Email reports and other documents to info@environmentaltrust.nsw.gov.au (50MB limit).

Acknowledgement requirement

Please acknowledge the funding you’ve received from the Trust in all publications and materials related to your project. We ask that you say:

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

You also need to use the New South Wales Government logo. See Funding acknowledgement and logos for details.

The most recent round of the program was in 2018. We:

  • received 146 expressions of interest
  • invited 26 candidates to submit full applications
  • approved 11 applications, totalling $1,566,428.

Project summaries