Organics Infrastructure

This program provides funding through the following streams:

Stream 1: Organics Processing Infrastructure

This stream supports the construction of new or enhancement of existing organics processing facilities and installation of equipment to process food and garden organic waste from households and businesses.

Note: funding in the 2020 round was only available for NSW Alternate Waste Treatment (AWT) operators (or council landowners of AWT facilities).

Stream 2: Business Organics Recycling

This stream supports businesses whose core activities do not include organics recycling, to tackle their waste on-site through implementing organics management measures and installing processing or pre-processing equipment.

Stream 3: Food Donation

This stream provides infrastructure and equipment such as refrigerated vans and freezers to food relief agencies to increase their capacity to safely collect and redistribute surplus food to people in need.

Stream 4: Product Quality

This stream provides infrastructure and equipment to improve the quality and consistency of organics outputs above regulatory requirements. The improved end products should lead to robust markets for recycled organics in New South Wales.

Stream 5: Transfer Station Upgrade

This stream covers up to 50% of capital costs relating to infrastructure and equipment to establish or upgrade existing transfer stations for food (or food and garden) organics processing.

Note: funding in the 2020 round was only available for AWT operators and councils in the metropolitan waste levy area that have been impacted by EPA revocation of the order and exemption allowing Mixed Waste Organic Output (MWOO) to be applied to land.