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Slaty Red Gum - profile

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The areas shown in pink and/purple are the sub-regions where the species or community is known or predicted to occur. They may not occur thoughout the sub-region but may be restricted to certain areas. ( click here to see geographic restrictions). The information presented in this map is only indicative and may contain errors and omissions.
Scientific name: Eucalyptus glaucina
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Profile last updated: 26 Jul 2019


A medium-sized tree to 30 m tall. The bark is smooth and mottled white to slaty grey. The juvenile leaves are oval in shape and blue-green with a whitish bloom, and the buds and fruit are similarly coloured. The flowers are white, or occasionally pink, and are produced between August and December. The fruits are oval-shaped and 7– 10 mm long. The three to five raised valves are surrounded by a domed disk raised above the fruit.


Found only on the north coast of NSW and in separate districts: near Casino where it can be locally common, and farther south, from Taree to Broke, west of Maitland.

Habitat and ecology

  • Grows in grassy woodland and dry eucalypt forest.
  • Grows on deep, moderately fertile and well-watered soils.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Recovery strategies

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
New England TablelandsStanthorpe Plateau Known None
NSW North CoastCataract Known None
NSW North CoastDalmorton Known None
NSW North CoastKaruah Manning Known None
NSW North CoastRocky River Gorge Known None
NSW North CoastUpper Hunter Known None
Other StateQLD Known None
South Eastern QueenslandClarence Lowlands Known None
South Eastern QueenslandClarence Sandstones Known None
South Eastern QueenslandWoodenbong Known None
Sydney BasinHunter Known None
Sydney BasinWyong Predicted Recorded north of Gosford in 1955
Sydney BasinYengo Known None