Help save our threatened species

No matter what your background, age or experience, you can help save our threatened species.


Nature Nomads coastal regeneration, South Smoky Beach

Find out about volunteering:

Get involved with OEH Citizen Science Saving our Species projects. See the current and growing list of projects at Citizen Science in OEH.

Join a group

Volunteers helping bush regeneration, Yellomundee Regional Park

Join one of the many conservation groups or other organisations and work to protect threatened species:

Involve the kids

School children learning about plants and flowers

The environment is a great place for children to learn and conservation work can be a valuable experience.

You can create a safe and friendly environment for native animals and plants in your backyard. Read some tips at Backyard Buddies.

Care for threatened species

Many wildlife carer groups welcome people with the time and dedication to care for sick or injured native animals

Many wildlife carer groups welcome people with the time and dedication to care for sick or injured native animals, including threatened species.

To do this work you will need to join a local rehabilitation group and take a short training course.

Then you can:

  • care for native animals in your home
  • participate in surveys
  • rescue dehydrated or injured native animals.

Find out about licensed native animal rehabilitation groups.

Tell us what you’re doing

Little pied bat (Chalinolobus picatus) is a vulnerable species in NSW

If you’re involved in threatened species research or management, we’d like to hear about your work. Please fill in one of our short online surveys for:

Report an animal or plant sighting

Male gang-gang cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum)

If you’ve seen a threatened animal or plant in NSW, please report it to the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

Search for threatened plants and animals.

Support local projects

Volunteers at bush regeneration program, Bradleys Head, Sydney Harbour National Park.

Contact your local council or local land service to get involved in their conservation or threatened species projects.

Many councils promote their conservation work on their websites; others have volunteer groups you can join.