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Blackbutt Candlebark - profile

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The areas shown in pink and/purple are the sub-regions where the species or community is known or predicted to occur. They may not occur thoughout the sub-region but may be restricted to certain areas. ( click here to see geographic restrictions). The information presented in this map is only indicative and may contain errors and omissions.
Scientific name: Eucalyptus rubida subsp. barbigerorum
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Profile last updated: 13 Dec 2018


A large tree to 40 m tall. It has thick, black bark on the lower trunk and powdery, white, grey, red or pink bark on the upper trunk and branches, which is shed in long ribbons. Its juvenile leaves are oval and dull blue-green. The adult leaves are narrower, dull green to grey, 9 - 15 cm long and 1 - 2.5 cm wide. The gumnuts are cylindrical or ball-shaped, 4 - 6 mm long and 5 -7 mm wide, and grow in groups of three to seven.


Known from scattered populations on the New England Tablelands from Guyra to the Tenterfield area. Most populations occur on private property however the species is recorded in Barayamal and Guy Fawkes National Parks.

Habitat and ecology

  • Grassy woodland on medium or high fertility soils.
  • Often on cold flats.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Recovery strategies

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
NandewarInverell Basalts Known None
New England TablelandsEbor Basalts Known None
New England TablelandsGlenn Innes-Guyra Basalts Known None
New England TablelandsMoredun Volcanics Predicted None
New England TablelandsNightcap Predicted None
New England TablelandsNortheast Forest Lands Known None
New England TablelandsStanthorpe Plateau Known None
New England TablelandsTingha Plateau Known None
New England TablelandsWongwibinda Plateau Predicted None
NSW North CoastGuy Fawkes Predicted None