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Scientific name: Pseudomys delicatulus
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Gazetted date: 22 Jul 2005
Profile last updated: 01 Dec 2017


The Delicate Mouse is a very small native rodent that ranges in weight from 6-15g. The species' fur is yellow-brown to grey-brown above and white or cream below. Recent taxonomic research indicates that the Pilliga Mouse Pseudomys pilligaensis is either closely related to the Delicate Mouse or conspecific.


The Delicate Mouse is distributed from the north-west of Western Australia, across northern Australia to the south east of Queensland. Until recently, no records of the species were known from NSW. In 2002, as part of intensive surveys at 160 sites in the Brigalow Belt South Bioregion, three individuals were trapped at two sites in Bebo State Forest, north of Warialda near the NSW-Queensland border (now Dthinna Dthinnawan National Park). One mouse was in Smooth-barked Apple Angophora leiocarpa woodland on deep sandy soil; and two were found in Broad-leaved Ironbark - Silver-leaved Ironbark Eucalyptus fibrosa - E. melanophloia woodland. These records represent a significant southern range extension for the species. Given the close relationship between this species and the Pilliga Mouse, habitat selection in NSW may be broad.

Habitat and ecology

  • The Delicate Mouse is chiefly granivorous with the majority of its diet composed of seed from native grasses.
  • The ecology of the outlying NSW population of Delicate Mouse may be inferred from observations on populations throughout the rest of its very extensive range.
  • Occasionally, individuals will excavate burrows in termite mounds.
  • The Delicate Mouse has been found to occupy grassy habitats and excavates simple burrows to 40cm in depth.

Regional distribution and habitat

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IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
Brigalow Belt SouthNorthern Basalts Known None
NandewarInverell Basalts Predicted None
NandewarNandewar Northern Complex Predicted None
Other StateQLD Known None