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Lowland Rainforest in the NSW North Coast and Sydney Basin Bioregions - NSW North Coast: Distribution and vegetation associations

Conservation status in NSW: Endangered Ecological Community
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Last updated: 23 Mar 2022

Distribution of the species within this region

The Lowland Rainforest in the NSW North Coast and Sydney Basin Bioregions is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the NSW North Coast Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia Region.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Barrington Known None
Cataract Known None
Chaelundi Known None
Coffs Coast and Escarpment Known None
Comboyne Plateau Known None
Dalmorton Known None
Ellerston Known None
Guy Fawkes Known None
Karuah Manning Known None
Macleay Hastings Known None
Mummel Escarpment Known None
Rocky River Gorge Known None
Tomalla Known None
Upper Hunter Known None
Upper Manning Known None
Washpool Known None
Yuraygir Predicted None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Lowland Rainforest in the NSW North Coast and Sydney Basin Bioregions - NSW North Coast is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Rainforests
    • Dry Rainforests
      • Blakes Wattle - Wilga - Wild Quince - Kurrajong thickets, NSW North Coast Bioregion and New England Tablelands Bioregion
      • Central Eastern Ranges Riparian Dry Rainforest
      • Coraki Sandstone Rises Dry Rainforest
      • Far North Basalt Gully Dry Rainforest
      • Far North Grey Myrtle Riparian Dry Rainforest
      • Far North Hinterland Kamala-Coogera Dry Rainforest
      • Far North Hoop Pine Dry Rainforest
      • Glenugie Peak Dry Rainforest
      • Greater Sydney Enriched Grey Myrtle Dry Rainforest
      • Hunter Valley Rusty Fig Dry Rainforest
      • Hunter Valley Whalebone Dry Rainforest
      • Illawarra Complex Dry Rainforest
      • Killarney Dry Rainforest
      • Lower Hunter Tuckeroo Riparian Rainforest
      • Lower North Estuarine Sand Dry Rainforest
      • Lower North Hinterland Riparian Dry Rainforest
      • Lower North Waterhousea Riparian Rainforest
      • Lower Richmond Lowland Hills Dry Rainforest
      • Mooball Dry Rainforest
      • Moreton Bay Fig - Myrtle Ebony dry vine rainforest on sandstone at Pillar Rock, east of Grafton, South Eastern Queensland Bioregion
      • Northern Escarpment Dry Rainforest
      • Northern Escarpment Grey Myrtle Gully Rainforest
      • Northern Escarpment Shatterwood Dry Rainforest
      • Northern Hinterland Shatterwood Dry Rainforest
      • Richmond Valley Riparian Waterhousea Forest
      • Southern Lismore Basalt Dry Rainforest
      • Wooloweyah Sandstone Lowland Rainforest
      • Yuraygir Range Gully Dry Rainforest
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    • Northern Warm Temperate Rainforests
      • Black Wattle - Hill Kanuka - Coachwood - Mountain Banksia - Soft Corkwood low closed forest on shallow soils of the Dorrigo Escarpment, NSW North Coast Bioregion
      • Comboyne Plateau Warm Temperate Rainforest
      • Lilly Pilly - Coachwood gully warm temperate rainforest on sandstone ranges of the Sydney Basin
      • Lower North Wet Gully Palm Rainforest
      • Mid North Escarpment Coachwood Warm Temperate Rainforest
      • Northern Escarpment Sassafras-Booyong-Corkwood Rainforest
      • Northern Ranges Coachwood Warm Temperate Rainforest
      • Watchimbark Serpentinite Lilly Pilly-Fig Rainforest
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    • Subtropical Rainforests
      • Border Ranges Black Booyong Subtropical Rainforest
      • Border Ranges Red Carabeen Rainforest
      • Broken Head Lowland Rainforest
      • Far North Bangalow Palm Swamp Forest
      • Far North Estuarine Swamp Oak Rainforest
      • Far North Floodplain Subtropical Rainforest
      • Far North Lowland Black Bean Riverine Rainforest
      • Far North Lowland Palm Gully Rainforest
      • Far North Lowland Subtropical Rainforest
      • Giant Stinging Tree - Fig dry subtropical rainforest of the NSW North Coast Bioregion and Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
      • Illawarra Lowland Subtropical Rainforest
      • Lismore Basalt Subtropical Rainforest
      • Lower Richmond Hills Dry-Subtropical Rainforest
      • Lower Richmond Sandflat Subtropical Rainforest
      • Lower Tweed Hills Subtropical Dry Rainforest
      • Mid North Lowland Floodplain Rainforest
      • Northern Hinterland Baloghia-Booyong Subtropical Rainforest
      • Northern Hinterland Baloghia-Dendrocnide Subtropical Rainforest
      • Northern Lowland Subtropical Rainforest
      • Port Macquarie Coastal Subtropical Rainforest
      • South Coast Warm Temperate-Subtropical Rainforest
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