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Find information about heritage listed items and significant sites in New South Wales.

We maintain information about heritage items on statutory lists and other significant sites also protected under legislation. Collating this information involves working collaboratively with other NSW government agencies, local councils and local Aboriginal land councils. 

Our heritage databases are designed to support communities, property owners, government and industry professionals to identify, manage and conserve heritage listed items and significant sites. The databases assist with:

  • research and studies 
  • development proposals
  • assessments
  • land-use planning and regulation
  • conservation management planning
  • conveyancing. 

Aboriginal heritage information management system

The Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) holds information about recorded Aboriginal sites, objects and declared Aboriginal places in NSW. 

Maintaining the AHIMS is a requirement of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

State heritage inventory 

The State Heritage Inventory holds information about most statutory protected heritage items in NSW. It includes the State Heritage Register and much more. 

Maintaining the State Heritage Inventory is a requirement of the Heritage Act 1977.

Maritime heritage database 

The Maritime Heritage Database holds information about more than 2800 shipwrecks, submerged aircraft, and other maritime and underwater cultural heritage sites and relics not listed on the State Heritage Register.

Maintaining the Maritime Heritage Database meets our delegated responsibilities for administering the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act 2018 in NSW and the shipwreck and associated relics provisions of the Heritage Act 1977.

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