Heritage Council of NSW

The Heritage Council is an independent statutory body that includes members of the community, the public sector, the conservation profession, and a nominee of the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

The Heritage Council of NSW is established under the Heritage Act 1977. It advises the Minister for Environment and Heritage on heritage matters in NSW and makes recommendations for the listing of places and objects on the State Heritage Register.

The Council makes decisions about the care and protection of heritage places and items that have been identified as being of State significance. This includes recommending the interim protection of potential heritage items so that an assessment of their significance can be made.

The Council has endorsed the Burra Charter as underpinning their decisions regarding any changes to State Heritage Register listed Items.

The Heritage Council has delegated some decision making to its committees. The committees provide specialist knowledge, skills and experience to assist the Council in making informed decisions. Some of the committees meet on a monthly basis, others meet as required.

The Council receives administrative support from Heritage NSW.

Approvals Committee – Expressions of interest

The closing date for receipt of applications has been extended to 11:59pm on Sunday, 22 January 2023.

The NSW Government is inviting expressions of interest for membership of the Heritage Council of NSW’s Approvals Committee.

There is one position that is required to be filled during this process.

We are looking for an Aboriginal person with Aboriginal cultural heritage expertise to contribute to the outcomes delivered by the Heritage Council, with the support of its committees and panels.

Specifically, we would like to hear from you if you are an Aboriginal person who holds architectural qualifications with an understanding of heritage architecture and Connecting with Country framework.

As a committee member you will be expected to:

  • actively contribute to the work of the committee
  • provide effective and sound corporate governance
  • provide leadership, vision and strategic direction
  • provide innovative / new ways of thinking
  • promote and enhance the profile and integrity of the Heritage Council, its committees and panels.

The committee meets 11 times per year and some out of session meetings may also be held. The committee members are remunerated in accordance with NSW Government guidelines. Meetings are generally held in Parramatta, with an option for teleconferencing. Offsite meetings are scheduled from time to time.

For further information and to apply, please download the:

Applications should be sent to The Secretariat, Heritage NSW via email at:


For any further enquiries, please contact the Secretariat, Heritage NSW via

The Council membership reflects a cross-section of community, government and heritage conservation experts.

Council members

  • Mr Frank Howarth AM PSM (Chair)
  • The Hon. Robyn Parker (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Nicholas Brunton
  • Dr Brian Lindsay
  • Mr Brett Whitworth
  • Mr Ian Clarke
  • Ms Colleen Morris
  • Mr Paul Knight
  • Ms Vanessa Holtham
  • Mr Dillon Kombumerri (observer).

The Committee:

  • makes recommendations for the listing of items on the State Heritage Register
  • works under delegated authority from the Heritage Council of NSW.

Committee members

  • The Hon. Robyn Parker (Chair)
  • Ms Colleen Morris (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Brian Lindsay
  • Mr Paul Knight
  • Dr Wayne Johnson
  • Ms Lisa Trueman
  • Dr Stephen Gapps
  • Ms Natalie Vinton
  • Mr Frank Howarth, Alternate Member

The Committee:

  • reviews proposals for alterations to items on the State Heritage Register
  • works under delegated authority from the Heritage Council of NSW.

Committee members

  • Mr Ian Clarke (Chair)
  • Dr Nicholas Brunton (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Dillon Kombumerri
  • Ms Vanessa Holtham
  • Mr David Burdon
  • Ms Caitlin Allen
  • Mr Bruce Pettman
  • Ms Julie Marler
  • Mr David McNamara
  • Mr Frank Howarth, Alternate Member

The Committee provides advice to the Heritage Council and Heritage NSW on heritage incentives including the NSW Heritage Grants program.

Committee members

  • Ms Colleen Morris (Chair)
  • Dr Brian Lindsay
  • Mr Paul Knight
  • Mr Mitch McKay
  • Dr Anne-Maree Whitaker
  • Ms Chery Kemp.

The panel provides advice to the Heritage Council and Heritage NSW on heritage matters relating to Aboriginal cultural heritage, historic and maritime archaeology, engineering, landscapes, local government and planning.

Panel members

  • Ms Colleen Morris (Chair)
  • Ms Sheridan Burke (Deputy Chair)
  • Ms Joedie Lawler
  • Professor Paul Ashton
  • Mr Matthew Devine
  • Mr Robert Moore
  • Ms Emma Bombonato
  • Ms Catherine Forbes
  • Dr Scott Robertson
  • Ms Surbjit Bhatti
  • Mr Glenn Harper
  • Mr Niall Macken
  • Ms Claire Nunez.

The panel provides technical advice to the Heritage Council and Heritage NSW on the maintenance, management and conservation of heritage items and assets.

Panel members

  • Mr David Logan (Chair)
  • Mr Bruce Pettman (Deputy Chair)
  • Ms Sharon Hodgetts
  • Mr Stephan Netting
  • Ms Joy Singh
  • Professor Gianluca Ranzi
  • Mr Harilal Gohil
  • Mr Peter Phillips
  • Mr Gary Waller
  • Mr Thomas Bowyer
  • Mr Eric Martin
  • Mr Mark Relf
  • Mr Alex Been
  • Dr Yuanyuan Song
  • Ms Vanessa Holtham
  • Mr Daire Fleming, Alternate member