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NSW Clean Air Strategy

The draft NSW Clean Air Strategy presents the whole of NSW Government approach to improving air quality and protecting communities.

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The draft NSW Clean Air Strategy aims to support liveable communities, healthy environments and the NSW economy by reducing the adverse effects of air pollution on human health. Actions in the draft Strategy reflect the substantial and growing body of evidence on air pollution and its impacts and costs in New South Wales.

The draft NSW Clean Air Strategy has been released for community and stakeholder consultation. You can view and provide comments on the Draft Clean Air Strategy: public consultation webpage. Public exhibition is from 18 March to 23 April 2021

Priority areas in the draft Strategy are:

  • better preparedness for pollution events: improve information and how it is communicated to help reduce health impacts of air pollution on NSW communities, including impacts from bushfires, hazard reduction burns and dust storms
  • cleaner industry: drive improved management of air emissions by industry
  • cleaner transport, engines and fuels: further reduce air emissions and impacts from vehicles, fuels and non-road diesel sources
  • healthier households: support reducing air emissions from household activities, with the main priority being wood heater emissions
  • better places: reduce impacts of air pollution on communities through better planning and design of places and buildings.
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