Taronga tigers

If tigers could talk they’d ask us to champion the transition to 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil as the best way to protect the environment and all that live in it.

Tiger at Taronga Park Zoo

Sustainability Advantage Gold partner, Taronga Conservation Society Australia, unveiled its Sumatran Tiger exhibit and launched the ‘Raise Your Palm’ campaign in 2017. The campaign shared the story of the impact of global demand for palm oil on the tiger’s traditional homelands in Indonesia and celebrates Australian companies that only use RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in their products.

Gold Partner Ferrero Australia says they have since received over 14,000 messages from this ongoing exhibit, thanking them for using responsibly sourced palm oil. There’s still lots of room for improvement… according to the interactive experience within Tiger Trek, almost half of all products on supermarket shelves contain palm oil, so knowing it’s sourced properly really counts!

Eco-Business: Taronga Zoo champions sustainable palm oil