Updates: November 2021

Update on Review of Environmental Factors.

Bittangabee campground, Ben Boyd National ParkReview of Environmental Factors

Public consultation of the review of environmental factors was undertaken from 15 September to 15 October 2021, and targeted consultation with Registered Aboriginal Parties was undertaken in November 2021.

A final review of environmental factors report and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage report are being prepared and will be submitted once finalised to the approving authorities. A summary of the submissions received from the public on the review of environmental factors will be released in the coming weeks.

Inviting applications to tender

National Parks and Wildlife Service released on 1 December 2021 a tender for the construction of hut accommodation at Mowarry Point and Hegarty's Bay in Ben Boyd National Park. The contract for the construction of hut accommodation will not be awarded until the required environmental, Aboriginal cultural and heritage approvals are received in early 2022.

The project scope includes communal huts, hikers and staff accommodation, connecting raised footpaths, landscaping, and basic services for both locations. Most of the building work will be completed offsite with modules flown into position and sited on pre-drilled ground screws. We will work to ensure there is minimum disruption to existing park users during construction.

This procurement will be done in line with the NSW Government policies and frameworks. A copy of the tender can be found on NSW eTendering.

Improving access to Boyds Tower visitor precinct

A separate project to upgrade the visitor infrastructure at Boyds Tower is currently underway, and we are inviting applications to tender for the upgrade. The project will improve wheelchair accessibility, increase carpark capacity, and deliver new and upgraded infrastructure, including toilet facilities, to meet increased visitor demand.

The tender is open until 23 December 2021, and construction is expected to commence in February 2022. Boyds Tower visitor precinct will be closed to the public until completion of the project in mid-2022.

Access to the Light to Light Walk will remain open to visitors during construction. A temporary carpark/drop-off area will be located near Boyds Tower, about 300 metres down Boyds Tower Road. We will work to ensure there is minimum disruption to existing park users during construction.

Bushfire recovery in Ben Boyd National Park

Since the Border Fire, which entered Ben Boyd National Park on 4 January 2020, remarkable recovery has been observed across the park.

Recent flora surveys have found a mosaic of significant groundcover and early successional species, and we are now observing some mid-successional species. Further groundcover, midstory and overstorey vegetation recovery is expected in the coming months.

Surveys have also revealed native fauna is now utilising burnt areas and becoming less reliant on unburnt patches. Populations of a few marsupial species, such as the southern brown bandicoot have recovered, whilst the long-nosed potoroo is still recovering.

Long-nosed Potoroo (Potorous tridactylus)