What can I do about native animals causing damage to my property?

All native animals are protected by law in NSW and removing or relocating any is illegal. Many animals are territorial will die if relocated and removing one may leave the territory open for another animal of the same species.

Where possible, resolve negative interactions with wildlife using non-destructive methods.

Tips for living with wildlife

There are many things you can do to deter native animals from causing damage, but it depends on which animal is causing the problem.

Learn more about the animal

The native animal fact sheets contain detailed information about native animals in NSW.

Protect your garden

Some animals can be deterred by applying chicken manure or spraying other deterrent smells such as chilli-infused water to the garden.

Protect your livestock

Mark any burrows that are a livestock hazard in paddocks or driveways with a post or small-strand fence to keep stock away from their entrances.

Licences for property owners

Where wildlife causes serious conflict that poses a legitimate threat to life or property or will cause economic hardship, the Department of Planning and Environment has guidelines and licences for property owners.