Results from the Biodiversity Indicator Program

The NSW biodiversity outlook report presents results on the status and trends of biodiversity and ecological integrity at regional and statewide scales.

The biodiversity outlook report is based on the assessment results of the suite of indicators in the Biodiversity Indicator Program. The indicators measure different aspects of biodiversity at regional and statewide scales.

Biodiversity outlook reports are compiled to provide data to help inform decision making.

Program indicators were also used in the NSW fire and the environment 2019–20 summary.

Indicator report cards

Report cards that provide more detailed results for each indicator are also available to download. These are released from time to time as they are developed. Report cards may present more recent indicator results than the latest outlook report.


Report card: Invasive species

This report card presents the results for the Invasive species (pests, weeds, disease) indicator, which monitors the exposure of native biodiversity and ecosystems to invasive species pressures as well as the impacts of these pressures.



Report card: Community appreciation of biodiversity

This report card shows results for the Community appreciation of biodiversity indicator. This indicator shows the level of community understanding of, and support for, biodiversity conservation.