Renew, cancel or change a licence

You must renew your licence to keep native animals before it expires, or cancel your licence if it is no longer required.

Renew a keeper licence

If you hold a Native Animal Keeper Licence (Class 1) you can renew your licence online and receive a 10% discount


You can renew online up to 60 days after your licence has expired. After that, you will need to contact the Wildlife Team to discuss options.

To renew other licence types contact the Wildlife Team.

It’s your responsibility to renew your licence before it expires, or to cancel it if you no longer want to keep native animals. 

Download the Companion Animal Keeper’s Licence Renewal form (DOC 71KB) and return by post, fax or email.

Download the Native Animal Keeper’s Licence Renewal form (DOC 74KB) and return by post, fax or email.

Cancel a keeper licence

If you want to stop keeping native birds, frogs, reptiles or mammals you must:

  • find a new home for your animal(s)
  • submit a Licence Not Required form (DOC 80KB) by post, fax or email
  • submit your e-book records or post your paper record book to report how you disposed of your animal(s) (e.g. rehomed, died).

Your licence will then be cancelled.

Change your licence

Your licence allows you to keep a certain class of native animal such as a bird, frog (amphibian), reptile or mammal. If you want to add another class of animal to your collection you will need to tell us by completing the Change of Licence Class or Contact Details Form (DOC 73KB) so we can change your existing licence.

Please note: 

  • changes to licence classes cannot currently be done online
  • changing the class of your licence will incur a fee appropriate to any additional class of animal you are keeping.