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Standing up for a better work environment

Standing desk

Phoebe using the sit/stand desk.

Photo credit: OEH

‘Many staff in the Policy Division work for long periods at their desks, reading or typing, often spending extended periods in one position. Some staff requested sit/stand desks to manage existing conditions, following recommendation by their healthcare practitioners. Others had seen research showing that sit/stand desks increased productivity, efficiency and alertness.

‘Now, several staff in the Policy Division have access to sit/stand desks. Many people have noticed physical and mental benefits from being able to choose how they work each day – from sitting to read hard copy documents, or standing to type at their desktop. Several people have noticed that their productivity has increased.

‘I feel more vigilant about my posture at my desk. I also notice the flexibility in my body as I leave work each day.’

Phoebe Ashe, 
Senior Policy Officer,
 Policy Division

Page last updated: 28 January 2016