What should I do after I receive my native animal keepers or companion animal licence?

Verify licence details

As soon as your licence is received, read it thoroughly to check all the details are correct. If there are any errors, contact the Wildlife Licensing Unit.

Comply with licence conditions

Study the General conditions of a NSW animal keepers licence (PDF 13KB). These outline what you are authorised to do. To qualify for renewal, you need to comply with all licence conditions.

Lodge records

Each year, between 1 April and 31 May, all licensed animal keepers must lodge their records with OEH via the native animal keepers' record book. This lets OEH understand the size and scale of the native-animal-keeping hobby and to monitor licensees’ activities to ensure conservation objectives are met.

Failing to keep accurate records is an offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

Inform us of any changes in your contact details

It is important to maintain your contact details with OEH to ensure you receive details about renewing your licence. To change your contact details, including email address, residential or postal address, mobile or phone number, complete the Change of contact details form (PDF 68KB).

Maintain a valid licence

The licence validity period depends on the option chosen on your application. The expiry date is printed on the licence. Renew your licence before it expires or cancel your licence if it is no longer required.