Rehome a Kosciuszko wild horse

The priority of a trapping and removal control program is to rehome wild horses by working with rehoming groups and interested individuals.

Since 2002, almost 1000 horses have been rehomed from Kosciuszko National Park.

These horses are removed from the park as wild and unhandled animals, unfamiliar with the human environment. To ensure that people are aware of what is involved in rehoming a wild horse and to support good animal welfare outcomes, NPWS encourages people new to owning a wild horse to seek assistance of experienced rehoming groups.

To rehome up to 4 horses

If you would like to rehome less than 5 horses, please contact the NPWS wild horse team at They will provide contact details of those rehoming groups and individuals who have collected horses from the park and will be making them available to the general public to give them a new home.

Rehoming through one of these groups or individuals is often a good way to take home your own horse if you lack the experience or confidence to look after and train a wild horse removed straight from the park. They may have already put time into gentling horses, including haltering, farriery and floating. These groups may also offer advice on caring for a wild horse and their ongoing training and may be able to offer useful information on the horse’s temperament.

Please note that these groups and individuals are not affiliated with NPWS. The application process and cost for obtaining a horse from these groups and individuals is at their own discretion.

To rehome 5 horses or more

Applications to obtain horses directly from NPWS can only be made for 5 horses or more. Please contact the NPWS wild horse team at for a copy of the Rehoming Guidelines and application form.

Please contact the NPWS Wild Horse team at for more information.