Threatened plants of the Lower Hunter

Many plants at risk of extinction in the Hunter Valley are found nowhere else. From the tiny orchid to the towering eucalypt, plants are important sources of food and shelter for native animals.

Small flower grevillea (Grevillea parviflora ssp parviflora)Plants in the Hunter Valley face a number of threats, including habitat destruction, weed invasion and inappropriate fire regimes.

Land clearing for development removes and fragments habitat, isolating populations of plants and making them more susceptible to catastrophic events and localised extinction.

Weeds like lantana can then invade these habitats and smother native plants.

Controlling these threats is critical in addressing the decline of our threatened plants.


Help save our threatened plants

You can help save our threatened plants by doing a few simple things:

  • plant local native species in your garden
  • avoid and minimise using pesticides and herbicides
  • clean your car, shoes, and other gear before entering the bush to prevent the spread of harmful plant diseases and weeds
  • discover the plant communities around you, both past and present, with the Trees Near Me NSW app.
  • volunteer with Landcare Australia and help work on conservation activities.
  • improve your land, production capacity and the environment through the Local Land Service's Every Bit Counts project.