Threatened birds of the Lower Hunter

A diverse range of bird species can be found in the Lower Hunter region, including the regent honeyeater and swift parrot. By pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, and eating insects, birds are important to a healthy ecosystem.

Regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia)Birds in the Hunter Valley face various threats, including habitat loss, predation by invasive mammals, and competition with other native birds.

The ongoing decline of key habitats such as dry woodlands, eucalypt forests and wetlands reduces the nesting and feeding resources that species need.

Birds and their nests are particularly vulnerable to predation by feral cats and foxes.

Controlling these threats is critical in addressing the decline of our threatened birds.


Help save our threatened birds

You can help save our threatened birds by doing a few simple things:

  • plant native trees and shrubs that provide natural sources of food
  • protect and create nesting or breeding sites, including hollows in trees
  • keep your cat indoors – especially at night – and put a bell on its collar
  • don't provide seeds or other food, it can be bad for native bird health
  • take part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count and help Birdlife Australia learn more about the birds we share our homes with
  • join eBird Australia and submit your bird sightings to help inform scientists and assist bird conservation
  • look out for bird nesting signs at the beach, walk dogs on designated dog-friendly beaches and on a leash over summer
  • follow all local beach-driving rules.