Do I need a licence to film or take photographs in a national park?

No permission is necessary to take photos or videos for personal use, for a hobby or as a tourist. If an image is taken with an intention to sell or use it commercially, a licence is required.

Commercial filming

Film makers and photographers wanting to use a national park or reserve for commercial filming or photography - that is, for sale, hire or profit - require a licence.


The application process varies depending on the scale. All applicants must hold public liability insurance.

Small-scale filming

Large-scale filming


  • Includes wedding photography
  • speculative work
  • Includes television, cinema, internet or print distribution


  • Involves no more than one camera operator and one assistant.
  • Requires low-level equipment use (i.e. backpackable equipment, a single tripod).
  • Does not use props, structures, film sets or professional talent.
  • Does not exclude an area from use by other users.
  • Has negligible potential to impact on a park environment
  • All for sale, hire, or profit photography that does not fit small-scale criteria.


  • No application fee.
  • Park entry fees, site booking fees and supervision fees must be paid where they are charged.
  • Application fees payable upon application. Other fees payable upon approval.
  • Fee schedule (PDF 94KB)
  • Fees may be waived or reduced for charities, community service announcements and filming that promotes national parks.


Available locations

Contact the local NPWS office or the PEP Statewide Coordinator before completing a commercial application. They will advise the types of locations available, any special conditions and, if necessary, suggest alternative locations.

More information

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