Clearing in accordance with self-assessable codes of the repealed Native Vegetation Act 2003

Under new legislation, existing clearing notifications using repealed legislation self-assessable codes remained in force until 24 February 2019. Obligations to manage and maintain set-aside areas continue in perpetuity.

Self-assessable codes for managing native vegetation

The Native Vegetation Act 2003 (NV Act) and Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 were repealed on 25 August 2017. However, the self-assessable code notifications for managing native vegetation under this legislation continued to remain in force for 18 months after the repeal date. Obligations to manage and maintain set-aside areas continue in perpetuity.

This means that if a landholder has notified the former OEH of intended clearing using one of the self-assessable codes before the repeal of the NV Act, they could undertake the clearing up until 24 February 2019.

Landholders had until 24 February 2019 to complete any clearing using one of the NV Act self-assessable codes. After this date, any further clearing will be deemed illegal.

Modify or withdraw a notification

Landholders are also able to modify or withdraw an existing notification, but will need assistance from the Local Land Services (LLS). Please contact an LLS office if you want to modify or withdraw an existing notification.

Notification system

Landholders are still able to access the Notification system in a Read-only capacity. No new notifications can be submitted. To make any changes to an existing notification, contact an LLS office.

Access the Notification system.


Landholder guides take you through the process of planning to clear in accordance with the codes. They explain how to undertake the site assessments required to determine what clearing and clearing methods can be used with a code.

Local Land Services is available to help you interpret and apply one of these codes on your landholding.

New native vegetation legislation

Current legislation governing the clearing of native vegetation is the Local Land Services Act 2013. Under this legislation the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code will support landholders to manage their land. Contact LLS for more information or to find out how to apply this code on your landholding.