Historic native vegetation legislation

The Native Vegetation Act 2003 was repealed on 25 August 2017. Current legislation governing the clearing of native vegetation is the Local Land Services Act 2013 and the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Property vegetation plans

Property vegetation plans (PVPs) approved before the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 remain valid and in force.

No new PVPs can be submitted by a landholder; however, an existing PVP may be modified (varied).

For more information on how or why a PVP can be varied, contact Local Land Services.

Self-assessable codes for managing native vegetation

Self-assessable code notifications for managing native vegetation under the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013 remained in force until 24 February 2019. Obligations to manage and maintain set-aside areas continue in perpetuity.

This means that if a landholder had notified the former Office of Environment and Heritage of intended clearing using one of the self-assessable codes before the repeal of the NV Act, they could undertake the clearing up until 24 February 2019. After this date, any further clearing was deemed illegal.

For more information about these historic notifications, contact Local Land Services.

Public register

Information about PVPs approved by Local Land Services under the NV Act are publicly available in the Native Vegetation Act 2003 public register.