Saving our Species database

The Saving our Species database is the register of strategies for each threatened species and ecological community, and priority key threatening processes in New South Wales. It is an important tool to help everyone work together to protect threatened species in New South Wales.

Information stored in the database

The Saving our Species (SoS) database:

  • stores strategies for each NSW threatened species, ecological community, and priority key threatening processes
  • enables access to information about SoS strategies in your local area that you can support
  • stores monitoring data for reporting on strategy implementation and effectiveness, and for evaluating the program.

Strategies will be developed within two years of any new species or ecological community listing, and will appear on the SoS database register. Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) will seek public input when a new strategy is developed, and when a strategy is changed.

Using the database

Public access

Anyone can search your local area in the database for a:

  • species of interest
  • conservation project
  • strategy.

Search for Saving our Species strategies

Access for individuals involved in conservation work

Land managers, researchers, conservation group project managers and others involved in conservation work can apply for a database login to:

  • access more detailed information on management and monitoring actions
  • report on action implementation and outcomes.

Registered users

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