Saving our Species reports

Annual Saving our Species reporting provides information on the program and the species projects during the financial year.

Saving our Species 2017-18 program annual report

The annual report provides an overview of the achievements of the Saving our Species program during 2017-18. The report is based on data collected from 370 individual report cards for threatened species, ecological communities and key threatening processes.

Report cards for Saving our Species strategies

The report cards include information about actions that have been carried out at key management sites. They also include detail about project progress, project partners, annual investment and species population trends. This allows Saving our Species to improve the effectiveness of projects.

Data-deficient and site-managed research priority species

The objective for data-deficient species is to find out more about them and if necessary recommend a change in their species management stream.

Species Project status
Sloane's froglet (Crinia sloanei) In progress
Burr daisy (Calotis moorei) In progress
Convolvulus tedmoorei (Convolvulus tedmoorei) In progress
Finger panic grass (Digitaria porrecta) In progress
Hibbertia stricta subsp. furcatula (Hibbertia stricta subsp. furcatula) Moved to site-managed stream
Isotoma sessiliflora (Isotoma sessiliflora) In progress
Silver sword lily (Neoastelia spectabilis) Moved to site-managed stream
Multiple species seed germination project In progress