Saving our Species science and research

The Saving our Species team has produced several scientific publications and other resources on threatened species and their habitats.

Scientific publications and resources

Spotted-tail quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)External and collaborative publications

The following are external and internal papers and publications with authorship or contributions by Saving our Species team members.

Brazill-Boast J 2018, Saving our Species: cost-effective monitoring and evaluation for a large-scale threatened species program, in S Legge, D Lindenmayer, N Robinson, B Scheele, D Southwell and B Wintle (eds) Monitoring threatened species and ecological communities, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne, 17, Section 3

Bennett JR, Maloney RF Steeves TE, Brazill-Boast J, Possingham HP, Seddon PJ 2017, Spending limited resources on de-extinction could lead to net biodiversity loss; Nature Ecology and Evolution, Vol1, Article 0053

Science and research grants

Saving our Species also collaborates on scientific research projects. For instance, the environmental science grant projects.

Saving our Species publications

Other publications, include historic recovery plans and general Saving our Species publications.