Spotting black-striped wallabies

Finding out where the black-striped wallabies live can increase their profile in the local community and improve their conservation.

Project name Spotting black-striped wallabies

Species name

Black-striped wallaby (Macropus dorsalis)


NSW northern slopes and plains

Project description

The black-striped wallaby is one of the more charismatic wallabies. However, they have largely gone unnoticed in the northern slopes and plains of New South Wales.

This project aims to monitor black-striped wallabies within key focus areas. It will use technology such as infra-red cameras to locate areas where the wallabies are more abundant and implement a suitable key threat management approach to conserve and protect them.

The focus areas will include previous threat management sites such as the Brigalow, within the Pilliga, Terry Hie Hie, Deriah and Horton/Bingara areas around Narrabri.


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Funds or contribution

$150,000 to $250,000 over a four-five year period to support the purchase of cameras and associated equipment and potentially conduct fox control and monitoring

Desired outcomes

Determine the population and distribution of black-striped wallabies within the target area. Use the information collected to increase the wallaby’s profile within the local community and improve species conservation within and out of the national park through key threat management.