Parks Eco Pass fees

You must pay a fee for a Parks Eco Pass licence. Once you have a licence, you need to pay activity fees four times a year.

Every calendar quarter, Eco Pass licensees must submit a quarterly trip return report that includes the number of clients for that period and the per-head activity fees due to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). The tour report must be accompanied by the payment for that quarter.

Fees are payable for each client for each day of each tour or activity.

If you have charged a client a concession rate for a licensed activity you can claim the concession rate for that client in your quarterly trip return report. The Business Development Team may request documentation that supports the claim.

Fees are increased in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) at the start of each financial year.

As a licensee you don’t need to pay park entrance fees (except for Kosciuszko National Park, where a winter surcharge may apply). However, you do have to pay the scheduled fees for all other activities for which fees are charged, such as:

  • camping
  • entry to museums
  • Discovery programs.

Fee type

Fee amount (2019/20)

One year licence administration fee


3 year licence annual fee

$324 per year

10 year Premium licence annual fee

$378 per year

Per head day activity fee


Per head short stay fee


Per head concession fee


Minor amendment fee $50

Major amendment fee


Additional ID tags $50/5 tags***

Licence restoration fee


* Up to a cumulative maximum of 2 hours. No concession is available for short stays.
** The concession rate applies to clients aged 4–15 years inclusive, full-time students, Seniors Card holders and pensioners. Children under the age of 4 years are free.
*** Licence fee includes up to 5 guide ID tags and 5 vehicle ID tags.