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Energy savings and resource efficiency


Next step: get a quote and find a retailer

Find a solar retailer

Many solar retailers can help you understand your energy needs and the business case for different solar system options. Look for solar retailers that either have in-house solar designers and installers or work closely with them. When selecting a retailer, consider the trade-offs between costs, experience, quality and safety of products, design and installation.



Request a quote

Many solar retailers will offer finance products. You can request a quote from them or go directly to a bank, electricity retailer, leasing company or solar asset finance specialist. The costs and conditions of finance options vary so it is worth seeking multiple quotes.


Compare quotes and contract details

The pros and cons of different quotes will depend on your individual business circumstances. Seek advice from your accountant or your financial adviser. Make sure you check quotes and the contract details to confirm you are getting what you want. Some of the key issues to consider for each quote include:

    ☐ Costs - Have you considered all the costs of finance over the life of the contract (interest rate, residual payments, and financier, broker and government fees and charges)?
    ☐ Tax - Do the tax and balance sheet implications suit your business needs?
    ☐ Cash flow - Do the cash flow implications suit your business needs?
    ☐ Ownership - Have you considered who owns the asset at the end of the finance contract and whether you will want to continue to use the solar system?
    ☐ Contract terms - If you wish to purchase the asset at the end of the financing contract how much notice must you give and will you have the processes in place to do so?
    ☐ Maintenance - Do you understand who is responsible for the solar system monitoring, performance and maintenance and the associated costs?

Consumer protections for small business

Legal protections for business including access to dispute resolution schemes will depend on the size and nature of your business.

Small business consumers of regulated financial goods and services under the Corporations Act are defined as `retail clients’ with comparable protections. You should seek legal advice on whether or not your business is defined by the Act as a small business.

The Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS) is the external disputes resolution scheme for the financial services industry. It will consider complaints lodged by a business if that business is defined as a small business under its Terms of Reference.


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Page last updated: 10 December 2015