Public register of commercial kangaroo harvesting licences

You can search for information about different types of licences for commercial kangaroo harvesters and animal dealers through our public register.

Kangaroos in New South Wales are protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act).

As part of the Kangaroo Management Program, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water grants different types of biodiversity conservation licences under Part 2 of the BC Act to harvest kangaroos for the commercial purposes of supplying meat and skin products.

A Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Professional Licence and a Commercial Harvester (Kangaroo) Landholder Licence authorise persons with valid firearm licences and accreditations to harvest kangaroos and sell the carcass under a valid commercial tag advice.

An Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licence authorises the licensees to deal in kangaroo carcases obtained from licensed harvesters.

An Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Restricted Licence authorised the licensees to deal in kangaroo carcases obtained from other licensed Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licensees. Note: this licence type is no longer issued (as of 1 March 2018). Records of this licence type remain available to be searched on the public register.

An Animal Dealer (Kangaroo Skin) Licence authorises the licensees to obtain and process kangaroo skins from licensed Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Licensees or Animal Dealer (Kangaroo) Restricted Licensees. The Wildlife Trade Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest of Kangaroos in New South Wales 2022–26 prohibits the taking of kangaroos for their skin only.

Licence conditions

The rights conferred by a biodiversity conservation licence are in many cases subject to conditions. Conditions for commercial licences are available on the Licence conditions, fees and forms page.

Commercial kangaroo harvesting licences are granted on a calendar year basis.

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The public register provides certain information about the different types of kangaroo harvesting licences granted since 25 August 2017 following commencement of the BC Act.

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