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Local heritage values need greater recognition and we need to work closely with local government and communities to ensure this happens.

What is Heritage Near Me?

Heritage Near Me is an innovative new program that empowers NSW communities to protect, share and celebrate their local heritage. The program has been developed to address an identified gap in current heritage programming.

The Heritage Near Me team are working closely with local government, industry and communities to ensure that local heritage values have greater recognition.


Heritage Near Me will:

  • Partner with the community to broaden and diversify the local heritage of NSW
  • Support councils and communities to establish an effective stewardship model for local heritage in NSW
  • Return autonomy to communities by providing resources and support for improved local heritage management and decision making.
  • Support training, skills and the development of local heritage resources
  • Increase opportunities for the activation of local heritage spaces
  • Encourage communities to form connections with their local heritage and each other through story sharing 


Heritage Near Me Incentives program

The Heritage Near Me Incentives program provides funding opportunities for local heritage items and projects that are not supported under existing heritage programs in NSW. These include the Heritage Activation Grants, Local Heritage Grants and the Heritage Green Energy grants that complement the OEH Energy Saver program.

OEH has also established a dedicated Heritage Roadshow team. The roadshow team works across New South Wales with local government, heritage owners and managers and the broader community.

For information about NSW Heritage Council grant opportunities for State Heritage Listed items, please visit the Heritage grants page.

Heritage Near Me web app

OEH has partnered with Code for Australia to create a digital platform to share the diverse heritage stories of NSW. The Heritage Near Me web app will provide new opportunities for community members to engage with local heritage items through the use of digital technology.

The Heritage Near Me web app prototype is currently in the early stages of development. OEH will provide regular updates on how the project is progressing.

Heritage Management System upgrade

The Heritage Management System upgrade project will improve OEH heritage database systems to provide greater public access, engagement and management of heritage data using innovative technology that is easy to use, accessible and relevant.

More information

Email the Heritage Near Me team: or phone 02 9873 8544 for more information.

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Page last updated: 04 August 2016