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Supporting local heritage

The NSW Government recognises that local heritage values need greater recognition and that we need to work closely with local government and communities to ensure that this happens.

What is Heritage Near Me?

Heritage Near Me is a government initiative to implement transformational change to protect, share and celebrate heritage in NSW at the local level by working closely with local government and communities to ensure that local heritage values have greater recognition.

Major priorities

Three major priorities are:

  • revitalising heritage spaces by addressing existing gaps within funding streams and providing increased funding for strategic local heritage management projects
  • building heritage capacity so that it is locally identified, managed, and supported with minimal state government intervention, allowing local governments to work more closely with communities on heritage matters and sharing lessons learnt
  • providing accessible heritage information that is accurate and reliable, offering more efficient data entry, and new mechanisms for processing and monitoring data

Focus areas

Initially, the four key focus areas for the Heritage Near Me initiative include:

  • Solutions: Establishing the Heritage Roadshow team to work with local councils and communities to build capacity and support local decision-making about heritage. The team will work with existing networks as well as engage and support those local areas with limited heritage capacity.
  • Engagement: Supporting local communities to actively engage, share and celebrate link their heritage.
  • Incentives: Establishing incentives link to support new activation projects to increase community interaction and participation with heritage spaces, the enhancement of local heritage items listed in local environmental plans and heritage green energy grants that complement the NSW Government energy saver program.
  • Information: Developing improved databases and business information systems link that support reliable, evidence-based decision making to safeguard the longevity of heritage items and data in NSW.

The overall goal is to protect, share and celebrate local heritage values throughout NSW.

What are its objectives and goals?

Heritage Roadshow team

Heritage Near Me has established a dedicated Heritage Roadshow team to work with local government, heritage owners and managers, as well as with the broader community. These partnerships will help the Roadshow team identify local, regional and cross-regional heritage issues and opportunities.

Incentives program

The Heritage Near Me Incentives program has been developed to address gaps in existing funding and resourcing for local heritage in NSW.

The Incentives Program aims to provide funding opportunities for local heritage items that are not supported under existing heritage programs in NSW. The Local Government Heritage Advisors, Local Government Heritage Places Grants and Local Government Heritage Planning Studies grants which are funded by the Heritage Council of NSW will not be effected by the new incentives.

Visit the Heritage Grants page for more information on the NSW Heritage Council grants.

Opportunities to enjoy and share

The program is producing heritage outreach tools, such as the Heritage Near Me app and virtual tours of heritage places, which will showcase opportunities to enjoy and share local heritage.

Heritage Near Me has partnered with Code for Australia, to build the Heritage Near Me app, and to develop solutions for increased communication between OEH and the heritage community.

The Heritage Near Me app will provide a platform to share the diverse heritage stories of NSW.

Contact us

Email our team at for information or check out the latest updates on the website.

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Page last updated: 15 April 2016