Culture and heritage


Teaching heritage

Explore these teachers' resources to engage students with heritage topics in the classroom and beyond.

Teaching Heritage is a terrific resource for students and teachers. The website includes over 750 photographs and more than 1000 pages of journal articles, news reports, excerpts from heritage documents and other source material. It allows students to explore more than 24 major NSW heritage sites and has been developed to help secondary teachers prepare lessons for History and Geography. Teaching Heritage has been developed by OEH Heritage Branch, the Board of Studies and the NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Sydney Living Museums has extensive education resources to help students actively explore past lives, events and stories in the places where they actually unfolded. It offers a wide range of stimulating learning experiences for students of all ages.

The NSW Department of Education and Communities has resources available online, developed by the Curriculum K-12 Directorate to support the teaching of the Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) K-6 syllabus outcomes and subject matter:

  • Caring for Place - Caring for Country is a teaching resource about contemporary Aboriginal culture, heritage and connection with the land. The teachers kit includes story books and songs.
  • Treasures introduces very young students to the concept of personal and family heritage.
  • A Shared History is designed to support the teaching of Aboriginal perspectives in the NSW Human Society and Its Environment K-6 syllabus.



Page last updated: 18 November 2015