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Environmental assets identified as being at risk from lantana invasion

Environmental assets at risk from lantana

A list of species and ecological communities at risk from lantana identified from the workshops and a literature review is available for download. A range of stakeholders commented on the list to determine omissions or errors, and a total of 1322 native plant and 158 native animal species were identified which are threatened by lantana in Australia. In addition to this biodiversity at risk, 142 native animal species have also been identified as utilising or benefiting from the presence of lantana; for example where lantana replaces a shrub layer which has been removed due to land clearing.

Download either:

  • the full list (which contains all native species impacted across Qld and NSW as well as listed ecological communities and Regional Ecosystems), or
  • your respective NRM region (Qld) or CMA (NSW) list containing five worksheets, being: (i) Threatened Ecological Communities or Regional Ecosystems; (ii) high priority list of native plant species at risk; (iii) full regional list of native plant species at risk; (iv) high priority list of native animal species at risk; and (v) full regional list of native animals impacted (both positively or negatively). Impact/risk codes collected during the workshops are also recorded in the worksheets.

Environmental assets at risk by NRM region

Ranking assets at risk

Assets at risk were assigned a high, medium or low priority based on the level of threat across their whole distribution and their conservation status under threatened species legislation.

The high priority species were those assets that are likely to worsen their threatened status (under state or national threatened species legislation) within the next five years if lantana management was not undertaken where they occur. This included those species that could become listed as threatened (e.g. ROTAP species) or those species already listed that could move in to a higher endangerment category in the next 5 years, if the threat of lantana was not reduced. Medium priority species are under significant threat and low priority species were those that are likely to persist with limited action in the next five years.

Exotic species associated with lantana

Another list has also been complied on the exotic species (plants and animals) associated with lantana.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011