Royal National Park

Park management

This park was created in April 1879. It covers an area of 15,091 hectares.

Management documents

You'll find a lot more information about this park in its management plans. In particular, plans of management contain a large amount of information on the natural environments, Aboriginal heritage, history, and recreational opportunities in a particular park. Fire management strategies outline when and how hazard reduction will be carried out in key areas of the park.

Many types of management plans go through a formal draft stage where they are open for public comment. The plans are only finalised and put into effect after all public submissions have been considered.

Documents to download

Management programs

Royal National Parks and Environs Biodiversity Survey

You can help us to study and protect the park's native wildlife by joining this year-round program. Run by NPWS staff, the program aims to survey the animals in the park. By getting a clearer understanding of the Royal's environment, we can plan more effective conservation efforts in the future.

Contact: Royal National Park Volunteers Coordinator, Phone: 02 9542 0632

Revision of plan of management - stakeholder registration

The existing Plan of Management for Royal National Park, Heathcote National Park and Garawarra State Conservation Area was written in 2000 and is now due for revision. This revision will be undertaken by the Metro South West Region of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (part of OEH).  If you are interested in what goes on in these reserves and how they are managed, you are invited to register as a stakeholder.

Corporate volunteering

If your organisation is wanting to make a commitment to conservation contact the Volunteer coordinator to discover what opportunities are available in Royal National Park. Our volunteer program caters for individuals and groups and can be tailor made to your needs.

Contact: Royal National Park Volunteers Coordinator, Phone: 02 9542 0632

Royal National Park Bush Regeneration Program


Join our committed and enthusiastic team of bush regenerators on (most) Thursday or Saturday mornings. Training and plant identification provided. No previous experience required. Just bring a hat, sunscreen and water. Morning tea provided. Contact the coordinator for a calander and further information.

Contact: Royal National Park Volunteers Coordinator, Phone: 02 9542 0632