Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve

Park management

This park was created in January 1981. It covers an area of 139 hectares.

Management documents

You'll find a lot more information about this park in its management plans. In particular, plans of management contain a large amount of information on the natural environments, Aboriginal heritage, history, and recreational opportunities in a particular park. Fire management strategies outline when and how hazard reduction will be carried out in key areas of the park.

Many types of management plans go through a formal draft stage where they are open for public comment. The plans are only finalised and put into effect after all public submissions have been considered.

Documents to download

Management programs

Wamberal Lagoon volunteers

Wamberal Lagoon Nature Reserve protects coastal (littoral) rainforest which is home to threatened species such as magenta lilly pilly. Animals found on site include echidnas, bowerbirds, carpet pythons and lace monitors. The group meets once a month on a Saturday.