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Monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework: Approach to conservation projects for site-managed species

This summary paper outlines the Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting framework (MER framework) for developing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on conservation projects for site-managed species. It is an interim document that has been published to guide stakeholders who are implementing, or are interested in implementing, a conservation project under Saving our Species

OEH is developing a program-wide MER framework that:

  • captures the requirements of species across each of the management streams
  • drives the program goals of aligning effort and engaging the community in Saving our Species.

The framework is being developed in response to recommendation seven of the Review of the NSW Threatened Species Priorities Action Statement (PDF 1.94MB) to: ‘develop a process for monitoring and reporting on the outcomes of projects and actions for threatened species’.

The key components of the MER framework are:

  • What is the total annual investment and the return on that investment?
  • What are the tangible outputs that can be totalled across the program?
  • How many threats are under control or on track to be under control?
  • How many management sites have populations that are secure or on track to be secure?
  • How many species are on track to be secure in the wild in NSW for 100 years?

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