Nature conservation

Parks, reserves and protected areas

Administration information

Newly appointed boards and committees, and new board and committee members, should complete an induction process to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities. Board and committee members may be provided with:

  • a copy of the MOU, ILUA or lease
  • a short summary of the roles and responsibilities of the board of management or committee members
  • a short summary of the roles and responsibilities of OEH and which parts of OEH are responsible for which issues
  • information on the park or parks
  • information on the term of appointment of the board of management or committee members, the process for nomination of board of management and committee members, and any processes for revocation or termination of membership
  • information on any administrative matters such as sitting fees, travel allowances, insurance and copies of forms to be completed by committee members.

New board and committee members

All new board and committee members who are to be paid sitting fees or who may ever need to claim travel expenses to and from meetings will need to complete a new member placement form. 

This includes board members who are currently sitting on other departmental boards. Your local OEH staff  who provide support for your board or committee can give you more information.

Sitting fees

Sitting fees may be paid to members of Aboriginal joint management boards of management and to members of Aboriginal joint management committees established through ILUAs or a memorandum of understanding endorsed by the Minister. OEH does not pay sitting fees when negotiating agreements with committees.

Payment of sitting fees acknowledges:

  • Aboriginal people's cultural knowledge and their special relationship with the land
  • the value of the unique and specialist expertise on cultural heritage issues provided by Aboriginal committee members
  • that OEH benefits from Aboriginal committees' advice as it enables OEH to meet its statutory responsibility to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • that Aboriginal committee members are endorsing OEH decisions or are involved in decision-making
  • that OEH is entering into a partnership which values both partners' experience and knowledge equally
  • that Aboriginal people are assuming substantial responsibility in representing their community, and making substantial commitments of their time and resources to provide advice to OEH and potentially losing income
  • that many Aboriginal communities have limited resources and the payment of sitting fees ensures that both partners have sufficient resources to work in partnership.

To receive payment of sitting fees for meetings, or to claim travel allowance or reimbursement for travel expenses, all board and committee members must complete a sitting fee/travel reimbursement form.  The OEH staff in your area who provide support for your board or committee or the Aboriginal Co Management Unit can assist in completing the form and processing it for payment.

The fees paid are consistent with amounts specified in the premier's guidelines.

Travel costs

OEH may provide transport and pay directly for accommodation and catering for board or committee meetings. In this case, OEH will not reimburse members for travel and accommodation costs. Where members have paid for travel and accommodation costs to attend meetings or undertake official duties, OEH will reimburse actual costs. Receipts will be required for this purpose.

Members are entitled to be paid motor vehicle mileage allowance when using their private motor vehicle to attend meetings. Rates are set out in the public sector awards for staff members.

Committee members seeking reimbursement for the use of a private vehicle for official business, must provide proof that:

  • the vehicle has a certificate of registration, third party insurance and comprehensive motor insurance
  • the driver has a valid driver's licence and the vehicle has been safety checked.

This ensures the board or committee member is covered by OEH's insurance (through the Treasury Managed Fund) and will be defended by the Government should criminal charges be made in relation to a motor vehicle accident.

Travel costs are claimed using the sitting fee/travel reimbursement form. OEH staff in your area who provide support for your board or committee or the Aboriginal Co Management Unit can assist in completing the form and processing it for payment.

Page last updated: 20 March 2012