Nature conservation

Parks, reserves and protected areas

Meeting procedures

Agreed at October 2009 Meeting and Amendments agreed at September 2010 Meeting

Secretariat support

  • Secretariat support will be provided by Aboriginal Co-management Unit (ACU).

Agendas and papers

  • The secretariat will set a draft agenda based on discussions at previous meetings.
  • The draft agenda and a proposed agenda and topics worksheet will be provided at least 6 weeks before each meeting to the Joint Management Staff who will distribute to all boards and committees, allowing time to submit comments and agenda items for the next Joint Management Custodians meeting. (Action 17/Sept 2010)

  • The secretariat will draft agenda papers and circulate 4 weeks before the meeting and to be discussed at the meeting.
  • There can be out of session agenda papers – secretariat will circulate and get motions out of session. Issues and papers are to be circulated through the joint management network before the Joint Management Custodians of NSW meetings.
  • Issues and papers will be circulated through the joint management network before the Joint Management Custodians of NSW meetings.

Format of the meetings

  • Meetings will be for two-and-a-half days.
  • The first half-day of the meeting is allocated to meet with the people hosting the meeting and to discuss what is happening in their area, successes and issues, and problems.
  • If a meeting involves training for the chairs, then an extra day will be scheduled, making it a three-and-a-half day meeting
  • The venue for the next meeting will be agreed at each meeting.
  • The Joint Management Custodians may visit people who are developing joint management arrangements, if invited by the community to visit.
  • The Country, Cultural and Heritage Division Regional Manager will be invited to attend the meeting to give a report on what they have been doing in the region where the meeting is being held.
  • The OEH/NPWS Regional Manager of the region where the meeting is being held will be requested to attend the entire meeting.

Chairing of meeting

  • The meetings will be co-chaired by the Chair of the joint management agreement which is hosting the meeting and the Director, Reserve and Wildlife Conservation Branch, as the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) representative.

Decision making

  • Decisions will be made by consensus but recommendations to OEH will be formally move by resolution.
  • The quorum to hold a meeting and make decisions is half the group plus one. The quorum will be confirmed at the beginning of each meeting.

Cultural protocols and code of conduct - to be developed

  • These need to be developed. OEH can bring standard government code of conduct and these can be amended to address cultural protocols.

Minutes and communication of outcomes of meetings

  • Draft minutes will be circulated within four weeks of the meeting.
  • Minutes of Joint Management Custodians meetings will be sent out well before meeting and copies sent to the deputies and the whole Board and Committee, so that all Board and Committee members have the opportunity to see them. Joint Management Coordinators/contacts will ensure all board and committee members receive the minutes. (Action 16/Sept 2010)

  • Minutes will include a list of actions arising.
  • Minutes will be adopted at the next meeting.
  • A short summary for each meeting will be prepared to help attendees provide reports for the boards and committees; it will also be sent to the joint management network.
  • The summary will include the reports about what has been happening in each Joint Managed park/area and new ideas discussed at the meeting. (Action 22/Sept 2010)

  • The Chief Executive will be kept informed of any recommendations and advice that go to the Minister.
  • Correspondence can be brought to meetings or dealt with out-of-session by email and phone.
  • Meeting papers, minutes and information will be provided to relevant OEH staff to circulate to Joint Management Custodians.


  • Deputies may represent the Chair, if the Chair is unable to attend.
  • Joint Management Coordinators/contacts and Chairs should ensure that deputies and alternatives that are attending Joint Management Custodians meetings are briefed on the terms of reference, meeting procedures, strategic plans and minutes of previous meetings before the meetings. (Action 21/Sept 2010)


Page last updated: 10 October 2011