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Alpine resorts winter access

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is responsible for the care, control and management of access, parking and oversnow vehicle use within Kosciuszko National Park.

The following procedures on the use of parking areas and oversnow vehicles have been adopted to assist with the safe and smooth operation of the ski resorts.

Download the Kosciuszko National Park – Alpine Resorts Winter Access guide.

Vehicle access to Kosciuszko National Park ski resorts

All vehicles entering the resort areas within Kosciuszko National Park must display a valid day or multi-day pass or an annual parks pass.

Road closures

The following roads are closed from June long weekend to October long weekend.

  • Kosciuszko Road – between Perisher Valley and Charlotte Pass
  • Link Road - between Smiggin Holes and the Guthega Road
  • Kings Cross Road – between Mt Selwyn and Cabramurra
  • Cabramurra Road (KNP 5) – between Cabramurra and Khancoban turn-off

These closures are subject to snow conditions and arrangements between the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), NPWS and ski resort operators.

Resort roads and oversnow routes

Perisher Valley and Guthega in-resort roads will be regarded as closed to all traffic other than oversnow vehicles for the winter period. NPWS may adjust the road status based on snow conditions to permit entry to certain authorised vehicles (including wheeled vehicles).

Smiggin Holes in-resort roads will be cleared as required to allow wheeled vehicle access.

There are four road status conditions (A to D).

Download the Perisher Range resorts road status and signage (PDF 1.2MB)

Oversnow vehicles must travel on designated oversnow routes, including between Perisher Valley and Smiggin Holes. Download the Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and Guthega maps:

Resort Management Vehicles and Lodge Parking Permits

Resort Management Vehicle (RMV) permit authorised lodge management 4WD vehicles to park overnight in an allocated parking bay and to access lodges for guest services and business management purposes when there is insufficient snow to operate an oversnow vehicle.

Lodge Parking Permits (LPP) allow managers to park staff and guests of their lodge when road conditions are suitable and if there is available hardstand area for parking.

Download the form for RMV and LPP applications:

Oversnow Operations Parking/Access Permit

Oversnow Vehicles

Within Kosciuszko National Park, the use of oversnow vehicles shall be limited to the safe and efficient functioning of ski resort business. Oversnow vehicles are registered and approved to operate in strictly limited areas. Recreational use of oversnow vehicles is not permitted in Kosciuszko National Park.

All oversnow vehicles must be registered with both NPWS and RMS. NPWS will issue oversnow vehicle registrations following confirmation of RMS registration and approval of the application process.

Every person using an oversnow vehicle must hold a current motor vehicle driver licence and an oversnow vehicle operator licence issued by NPWS. NPWS will issue an oversnow vehicle operator licence following approval of a completed form.

Download the form for oversnow vehicle registration and licence applications:

Oversnow Operations Application Form

Further information

Service NSW – Cooma

Cooma Registry
125 Sharp Street
Cooma NSW 2630
Phone: 13 77 88

Roads and Maritime Services

Phone: 13 22 13

For vehicle standards contact RMS Technical Enquiries on 1300 137 302

National Parks and Wildlife Service – Perisher Valley

NPWS Office
9914 Kosciuszko Road
Perisher Valley NSW 2624
Phone: 02 6457 4444

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