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Living with wildlife in NSW alpine resorts

Find out what to do about native animals and introduced species who may share your alpine resort building, business premises or lodge.

Developing buildings inside a national park increases the opportunity for small mammals to take up residence, therefore there’s a high possibility that animals may share your lodge and adjacent areas within the resorts of Kosciuszko National Park.

Most of these will be natives taking advantage of the warmth and shelter provided by the building. Some animals are attracted by ‘free food’ – a good reason to keep a clean kitchen and to secure food supplies.

Native animals include dusky antechinus, southern bush rat, broad-toothed rat, mountain pygmy-possum, brush-tailed possum, ring-tailed possum, wombats, bats and snakes.

A poster is available from the NPWS Perisher Office or NPWS Jindabyne Office to help visitors and lessees identify small native ground mammals. A trapping protocol is also provided to anyone given an Elliott trap to trap and relocate without harm the native animals found in buildings.

All animals in the national park are protected and some are listed as threatened species.

Occasionally, introduced animals including rabbits, European wasps, black rat and house mouse may also be present. In these circumstances approval can be given by NPWS to use alternative methods of control. It is an offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Regulation to harm any animal in the national park. This means it is illegal to use snap traps or poison bait without written approval or a permit.

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If you have a wildlife issue and need assistance, please call the NPWS Resorts Environmental Officer on 02 6450 5616.

Page last updated: 13 July 2017