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Perisher Range Resorts Master Plan - Kosciuszko National Park

The vision for future development of Perisher Range Resorts within Kosciuszko National Park is that: 'Perisher Range will be the pre-eminent all-year-round destination mountain resort in Australia providing international-class facilities based on ecological sustainable principles.'

Kosciuszko National Park, and Perisher Range in particular, contains a great variety of outstanding scenery and natural features. The park is internationally recognised for its significant natural heritage, through the park's listing as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In November 2008 KNP was one of 11 Australian Alps national parks and reserves to receive Australia's highest heritage honour with its inclusion of a place in the National Heritage List.

The Perisher Range Resorts Master Plan applies to the ski resort villages of Guthega, Smiggin Holes and Perisher Valley within the area known as Perisher Range Resorts. The role of Bullocks Flat and Blue Cow within the Perisher Range Resorts has also been considered.

An opportunity now exists to substantially improve the image and operations of each of these resorts by ensuring that future growth in bed numbers and infrastructre is managed within an appropriate planning and design framework that is based on the principles of ecologically sustainable development.

The master plan recognises that Perisher Range is both a summer and winter resort. It emphasises the need for a close integration of the village areas with the adjacent ski slopes. The plan assumes that visitors will continue to access Perisher Range by car, bus and Skitube. However, it is expected that the Skitube will gradually assume greater prominence as the main mode of transport to the area.

The framework for future development seeks a balance between the demands of resort-based recreation and natural resource conservation in KNP. The aim is to provide opportunities for winter and summer visitors to use KNP in ways that are consistent with preserving the unique natural and cultural heritage of the park. The resort area plans contained in the master plan are seperate from the Perisher Ski Slope Plan which covers ski slope areas, however, the planning and staging of both areas will be closely integrated.

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