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Submissions to the review of the BioBanking Scheme

The Office of Environment and Heritage received 50 written submissions on the review of the BioBanking Scheme.

Meetings were also held with key stakeholders including the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the Property Council of Australia, the NSW Minerals Council, accredited BioBanking Assessors, the Environmental Defenders Office, the Local Government and Shires Association (now Local Government NSW), Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs; now Local Land Services), and the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (now Department of the Environment). Information gathered during meetings was used to clarify and supplement the stakeholders’ written submissions.

OEH also surveyed landowners and developers who have participated in the BioBanking Scheme.

OEH has prepared the report BioBanking review: Summary of submissions which presents a summary of the issues raised in submissions. It also presents the results of the surveys undertaken with landowners and developers.

Submissions to the review have been made available below unless requested by the author to be kept confidential. For submissions from individual community members, the publication of contact details has been limited. Additional information has also been removed from some submissions for privacy reasons.

Feedback received during the consultation period and through the surveys will help identify issues and opportunities to improve the BioBanking Scheme.

Submission number

Author and document


Ray Rauscher (BioBankRevSub01.pdf, 13 KB)


Illawarra Coal Pty Ltd (BioBankRevSub02.pdf, 177 KB)


Clarence Environment Centre (BioBankRevSub03.pdf, 146 KB)


Peter Ridgeway (BioBankRevSub04.pdf, 308 KB)


NSW Aboriginal Land Council (BioBankRevSub05.pdf, 246 KB)


Timothy Tyrell (BioBankRevSub06.pdf, 74 KB)


NSW Trade and Investment (BioBankRevSub07.pdf, 2.2 MB)


Residents of Forresters Beach (BioBankRevSub08.pdf, 27 KB)


Shoalhaven City Council (BioBankRevSub09.pdf, 599 KB)


Coffs Harbour City Council (BioBankRevSub10.pdf, 1.1 MB)


Lake Macquarie City Council (BioBankRevSub11.pdf, 1.2 MB)


Ben Thomas (BioBankRevSub12.pdf, 246 KB)


Namoi CMA (BioBankRevSub13.pdf, 272 KB)




Forresters Bushrangers Inc (BioBankRevSub15.pdf, 1.7MB)


Will Belford (BioBankRevSub16.pdf, 291 KB)


David Holland (BioBankRevSub17.pdf, 7.5 MB)


Joachim Karsch (BioBankRevSub18.pdf, 230 KB)


Bronwyn Nichols (BioBankRevSub19.pdf, 274 KB)


Jan Carey (BioBankRevSub20.pdf, 295 KB)


Hawkesbury Nepean CMA (BioBankRevSub21.pdf, 155 KB)


Colleen O'Keeffe (BioBankRevSub22.pdf, 250 KB)


Ed Valk (BioBankRevSub23.pdf, 272 KB)


Roberta Dixon (BioBankRevSub24.pdf, 65 KB)


Community Environment Network Inc. (BioBankRevSub25.pdf, 49 KB)


Catherine Duffy (BioBankRevSub26.pdf, 146 KB)


Graham Williamson (BioBankRevSub27.pdf, 744 KB)


NSW Scientific Committee (BioBankRevSub28.pdf, 111 KB)


The Greens NSW (BioBankRevSub29.pdf, 605 KB)


NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer (BioBankRevSub30.pdf, 92 KB)






Claire Bettington (BioBankRevSub33.pdf, 366 KB)


Ann Sharp (BioBankRevSub34.pdf, 254 KB)




Northern Rivers CMA (BioBankRevSub36.pdf, 1.1 MB)


Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (BioBankRevSub37.pdf, 289 KB)




Anonymous (BioBankRevSub39.pdf, 817 KB)


Law Society of NSW (BioBankRevSub40.pdf, 2.6 MB)


Alick Osbourne (BioBankRevSub41.pdf, 234 KB)


Camden Council (BioBankRevSub42.pdf, 686 KB)




NSW Minerals Council (BioBankRevSub44.pdf, 709 KB)


Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (BioBankRevSub45.pdf, 117 KB)


The Hills Shire Council (BioBankRevSub46.pdf, 3.5 MB)


Property Council of Australia – Hunter Chapter (BioBankRevSub47.pdf, 209 KB)


Environmental Defenders Office NSW (BioBankRevSub48.pdf, 2.2 MB)




Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW (BioBankRevSub50.pdf, 2.4 MB)
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